Monday, November 29, 2010

Time to GO!

So eventually the waiting came to an end and we got the news that we were cleared for travel. We made all the arraignments; the other kids would stay with my Mom in NY and celebrate Thanksgiving there, we would stay at the Guest House in Korea - also where the pregnant girls that were placing their babies stayed, we would be in country just five day and when we got home, we'd be the parents of four children.

I was very, very busy (thank God) the weekend before we traveled. I went to my dear friends' wedding in Baltimore and between celebrating with her and planning the next week in Korea, I hardly thought about what was about to happen. A 17 hour flight, meeting our new baby, meeting her foster Mom and visiting Korea again after three pregnancies and 12 years. Nervous does not even describe what I was.

When we got to the guest house, it was very late - 11 pm local time and we were exhausted, emotional and hungry! We called my Mom and I couldn't even speak to the kids because I was sobbing from missing them. We went to a small convenience store and grabbed a few things to nibble on and some drinks and tried to settle down for the night. In the morning, we would be meeting our new daughter....

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